Australian Water Research and Development Coalition

A forum for cooperation

Australia is a world leader in its approach to and investment in water research and management, and its ability to generate national dialogue and consensus on challenging water issues is respected by other nations.

However, the scale and complexity of challenges that the urban water sector must address are increasingly crossing scientific disciplines, industry sectors and jurisdictional boundaries – Australia’s future investment in urban water research needs to be sustained, coordinated, demand-driven & goal-oriented, and supported by industry, State and Commonwealth governments to better inform this reform process. 

The Australian Water R&D Coalition was formed in recognition of the benefits of coordination across those organisations responsible for brokering R&D knowledge in the urban water sector. The philosophy of the AWRDC is to deliver the best value for money R&D for the Australian urban water sector, in relation to efficiency of undertaking priority R&D, limiting duplication of research and improving the effectiveness of translating R&D outcomes into practice for stakeholders.


The AWRDC’s founding members are:

  • Australia Water Recycling Centre of Excellence
  • National Water Commission
  • National Centre of Excellence in Desalination Australia
  • Water Quality Research Australia
  • National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training
  • Water Services Association of Australia
  • Smart Water Fund
  • Goyder Institute for Water Research
  • Urban Water Security Research Alliance

All members share a collective goal to improve and understand the R&D landscape and act as research knowledge brokers for the betterment of the urban water industry in Australia.

AWRDC web site

This website provides a summary of the AWRDC and its activities, and information on its member organisations.