About us

A significant portion of Australia’s urban water research investment is managed by industry, the Commonwealth Government and State Government entities. These entities are typically not research and development (R&D) providers themselves but engage industry and researchers to identify and negotiate research priorities, and then commission and manage R&D project investments to achieve a set of objectives. Collectively, Australia’s utility sector and Australia’s urban water research ”brokers” are managing a cash investment estimated at approximately $250 million over the next five years. 

The focus of the AWRDC is to determine, understand and share knowledge of research of the urban water sector within Australia between its members. Each of the member organisations will still focus on its core and designated national and regional water research issues but involvement in the AWRDC will help to identify overlap and enable the AWRDC members to leverage knowledge from their own research programs and to facilitate knowledge adoption through a broader range of networks.

The AWRDC operates in a manner that builds on and is complementary to, and not in competition with, the ongoing activities of each of the member organisations. The AWRDC provides a confidential forum and an opportunity where holistic research investment can be discussed and brought together outside the mandate of an individual organisation.

Through the AWRDC collaborative effort, value will be added to each of its members and their stakeholders by assisting in reducing duplication of R&D and through synergistic leadership of knowledge management and technology transfer. This leverage of knowledge will result in an outcome greater than any one organisation can deliver on its own, supporting urban water management from source, to tap, to wastewater and beyond.

The AWRDC will also play a leadership role in liaising and assisting the key decisions maker within the water industry in determining priorities for R&D investment in Australian urban water. This will be achieved by discussing and considering current and emerging research issues, as well as future needs of the sector, and not only determining where knowledge gaps are but in indentify opportunities for implementing already available research findings.

This approach will assist with identifying coordinated future funding opportunities, and help industry, state and commonwealth governments define sustainable future funding models for urban water research and development. It will enable the AWRDC to assist stakeholders in becoming smarter investors in research, achieving the greatest return on investment for the sector and the wider community, and ensuring key decisions are underpinned by scientific evidence.

The AWRDC will provide ‘a single point of contact’ for a range of stakeholders in the urban water sectors including utilities, government, regulators, researchers and private industry. This will assist in limiting confusion regarding the key strengths in research of the individual member organisation and provide opportunities for wider sector engagement with research providers.