Governance and meetings

The AWRDC currently comprises of its nine founding member organisations.

The AWRDC can consider applications for new membership via its secretariat. Addition of new members must be supported by all current AWRDC members and new members must fulfil the role of an R&D broker and not solely be a funding organisation or research provider. The AWRDC may also invite new members if this is supported by all current members.

AWRDC members are required to make annual contributions to undertake agreed work program activities. The work program is agreed annually and membership contributions determined based on the costs to deliver the agreed work program.

The AWRDC is supported by a secretariat and this is currently delivered through the in-kind contributions of the National Water Commission.


AWRDC meetings are held quarterly. Meetings are held by each member organisation on a rotating basis, with the Chair appointed to the organisation hosting the meeting. Sub-committees may be formed, where required. Members meet the cost of attending meetings.

Upcoming Events

  • Scientific Forums (including invited forums to address national and collaborative issues such as Knowledge Management and how to define and assess the Return on R&D Investment)
  • Ozwater 2013, Perth (including a workshop to present on progress on key activities)
  • Needs & Capability Forum, July 2013