Needs and capability forum

In September 2012, the AWRDC hosted the first national forum to discuss Australia’s urban water research and development (R&D) needs and capabilities. The forum provided an opportunity to clarify national research priorities and to discuss improvements to the ways in which priorities are set and R&D investments are made.

The forum stemmed from concerns in the R&D community that investment in urban water R&D could be better coordinated and more strategic. Australia currently has numerous industry, state and Commonwealth-funded organisations investing in urban water R&D, however, there is currently a lack of clarity about national research needs and little opportunity in funders’ decision-making processes to coordinate the national investment effort.  As a result, it is difficult to assess the current return on the national investment.

The inaugural national forum included key research funders, research providers and beneficiaries of research efforts. The forum discussed research needs in urban water in Australia, but also the capability, capacity and strengths of our research providers collectively.

This forum is proposed to be the first in an annual series of such events.

2012 forum communiqué. (PDF 117.2 KB)

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